KERN Marketing Group’s philosophy is to be creative with a purpose, design with a mission, focus on execution, and target the media for accountable results and total campaign impact.

The media you purchase is only as good as the creative message you use to advertise your business. Our creative process is interactive, not linear. We begin our process by asking questions like these—

  • What is the idea/concept?
  • • What are you selling?
  • • What is your image?
  • • What do you want your image to be?
  • • What is the current perception of your customers?
  • • What do you want your customers’ perception to be?

Once we know this we can create your successful campaign by providing

  • A smart, well thought-out strategic strategy;
  • • Intelligent and effective creative imagery; and
  • • Thoughtful targeted publicity, promotional and media placement.

It is essential for your advertising to have a seamless quality. Your audiovisual materials need to mesh with your print advertising materials and with you electronic materials. In this way you increase your exposure and maximize your influence---and increase your marketing dollar.